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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

If genuine news orgs don't address or correct their mistakes then they are fake news.

The definition of fakes news is organisations that knowingly publish fake stories. If genuine news organisations are made aware of mistakes and don't correct them then they too can be categorised as fake news.

Here are examples.

Irish Times. Irish Times parrot Patrick O'Donovan's false claim. They have refused to correct it even though I pointed it out to an editor.


Irishwoman claims second London attacker was also in Ireland

She met the two London Bridge terrorists Khuram Butt and Rachid Redouane on at least 20 occasions both here and in the UK, she said.

The Irish Times a has longer video and expliclty reports that she did not know 'did not know Redouane'.

In the Independent video the reporter ask her if she met them (the London bombers) and she replies she met the on many occasions here and in the UK, but as you see in the both the videos she never explicitly says she met Redouane. In the main press conference shown on the Irish Times video she talks of meeting Butt and Chourdry many times (rather then Butt and Redouane).

I contacted the Independent journalist and she refused to acknowledge the possibilty she made a mistake. I also emailed the paper with no response.

The Irish Examiner made a similar mistake to the Indo, including Redoune in her claims, even though she was not refering to him, it was changed, later that day, online, "She claimed she saw him in Ireland “two or three times” and that he, Redouane, and other extremists operated out of a house in the Santry". Can't find the corrected story.

Sunday Business Post example: SBP reported that Ceann Comharile has asked a former secretary general of Department of Agriculture Michael Dowling to review legislation system. Dail Calls Kerry Group Chair to Break Logjam Michael Brennan May 2017. I emailed the Ceann Comahairle offices they said they never heard of him. I told that to the reporter and the article was just deleted not corrected or clarified.

Irish Examiner example. Open letter to Irish Examiner about their “Irish slaves” disinformation by Liam Hogan. (Article removed without explanation).