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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Irish newspapers have no accountability as Press Ombudsman won't tackle fake news in member newspapers.

The Irish Independent's Kevin Doyle misparaphrased Darragh O'Brien Fianna Fail TD and former foreign affairs spokesperson by suggesting he said 'Russian jets have entered Irish airspace' Ireland is now a fully-fledged participant in 'modern Cold War' as Varadkar says we can't be neutral he actually said "Irish-controlled airspace" see https://www.kildarestreet.com/debates/?id=2018-03-27a.419&s=airspace#g422 Its worth making the distinction between Irish airspace and international airspace, that Irish air traffic control helps manage traffic in. If one is treating this issue with seriousness it deserves, this needs to be reported accurately.

I have got a similar mistake corrected in the Sunday Business Post, RTE and the Irish Times, I complained to the Press Ombudsman about it after the Independent didn't reply, the Ombudsman rejected it on the basis it didn't personally affect me even I though I genuinely feel my safety and security is jeopardized by this inaccurate and thus inflammatory misreporting.

The Independent published something that isn't true, has been informed it isn't true, so is publishing something which its know not to be true, which is the definition of fake news, The Independent is publishing fake news and the Press Ombudsman won't do anything about it.

There is no accountability in Ireland for Irish newspapers.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

The world is overwhelming.

The world is overwhelming, how are you meant to keep up?

Monday, 23 April 2018

Lack of scrutiny by opposition parties of opposition/private members bills

Trying to figure how its correct for parties to vote for various private members bills that seem to have, not small but large flaws in their concepts or justifications, that they will be seen to endorse by voting for the bill. They say they deal with issues at committee but should it be before?

There some comment on the amount of private members bills being started in the Dail, most of them go nowhere, either delayed by the government and FF or by backlogs in the committee, there also questions over the quality of the bills, partly because there opposition parties didn't have the legal help the government have (although this has been reviewed andOffice of the Parliamentary Legal Advisor is being given more reseources) but they can be still used as self-promotion tool for months despite all these problems.

I've noticed that small parties and independents groups are voting for opposition bills without any of their party or Dail group speaking on the bill, so whether they support the entire bill or just parts of it, the proposing party can claim support even if there are huge flaws in the bills or their justifications.

The opposition party's refrain is that it can be fixed in the committee stage, and that is where most of the work on the bill occurs, committee officials help the politicians write a report scrutinising the bill and asking for the governments and stakeholders views on them and then proposing amendments.

But second stage is supposed to be where the general principles of the bills are discussed and I've noticed a few bills where the opposition parties don't seem to have considered the principles of the bills.

Soldarity say they are supporting the Sinn Fein's Extreme Weather (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2018
but during second stage they didn't mention one half of the bill about threatening to arrest people who might, say surf on the morning before a storm during a red weather alert, and be accused of risking the life of the of rescue workers they may or MAY NOT need help from.

The Irish Coast Guard and Irish Water Safety both already said they didn't agree with legislating to criminalise this behaviour.

"The Irish Coast Guard and Irish Water Safety concur, and believe legislation would be almost impossible to implement fairly" Should we punish reckless people who need to be rescued Irish Times.

Listen: Irish Coastguard Director Not In Favour Of Legislating "For Stupidity". | Kfm Radio 04/20/2018

Paul Murphy's spoke on the bill but only on the half of the bill related to workers being allowed off work and still being paid during a red weather alert, his spokeperson thinks its ok to ignore the other half bill even with significant organisations disagreeing with the concept of the legislation.

I also have pointed out false claims in to justify the FF Online Social Media Online Transparancy Bill which the Socdems and Greens didn't speak on at second stage but did vote for.

Catherine Murphy spokesperson refuses to acknowlege the problems with a section of the bill she voted for, and also said she hasn't fully considered the Extreme Weather Bill and thus missed the opportunity to express her thoughts on it at second stage it will be voted on this Thursday.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Why did mutiple newspapers write that Denis O'Brien is a "majority shareholder" of INM?

Why did mutiple newspapers write that Denis O'Brien is a "majority shareholder" of INM? And then when queried about it, change it to single "largest shareholder"?

I first noticed an issue in the Broadsheet post Mistake in Look Hack in Anger

July 19, 2014:- Mr Rae, in his role as group editor of INM, orders the presses to be stopped to amend a column written by Sunday Independent editor Anne Harris which features references to Denis O’Brien.

Copies of the original article did however appear, allowing comparisons between the two. Harris originally wrote: “Denis O’Brien is the majority shareholder in INM. In theory, with 29% of the shares, he does not control it. In practice, he does.” The last sentence was deleted.

29% isn't a majority... and I've been told that publically listed comapnies cannot have majority shareholders, and that Denis O'Brien keeps his shareholdings at 29.9% so it can't be said he controls the company and doesn't have to make a bid for it all?

I searched Wikipedia article on Denis O'Brien and noticed that same sentence.

The Wikipedia articles cited the Guardian article Mistake in Irish newspaper editor's column was changed after going to press by Roy Greenslade 28 Jul 2014, It said,
Version one - Harris wrote: "Denis O'Brien is the majority shareholder in INM. In theory, with 29% of the shares, he does not control it. In practice, he does."

But copies of Harris's original column did make it on to the street and the differences between the two versions were spotted by Gavin Sheridan, who pictured them and then posted them here on thestory.ie website.

Gavin Sheridan's post Why was this Anne Harris Sunday Independent column modified? from 20th July 2014 which shows photos of two versions of the article that was changed, both versions say major shareholder not majority shareholder.

So the Guardian cited Gavin's post with the photos but misquoted them, I suspect some of the above were misled by this.

I emailed the Guardian, they asked me as the article was four years old why I was highlighted it to them now, I was surprised they didn't know, so I sent them the Irish Independents own Q&A on the allegations that the chairman of the company secretly read his journalist/employess emails and that this was paid for by a company owned by Denis O'Brien.

Guardian has not corrected their mistake.

I emailed Broadsheet and they corrected their post Mistake in Look Hack in Anger

Anne Marie McNally political director of the Social Democrats wrote a post about the topic which includes the line "The majority shareholder in INM is Mr Denis O’Brien." I emailed both her and broadsheet about it, it has not been corrected.

I corrected the wikipedia articles on Denis O'Brien, Anne Harris and Stephen Rae which all said majority citing the Guardidan article which cites Gavein Sheridans blog.

On the April 2 2018 Times Ireland published an article INM journalists threaten lawsuit over data breach by Peter O’Dwyer | Lise Hand that said,
Some journalists had covered the Moriarty tribunal and had written stories critical of Denis O’Brien before he became the company’s majority shareholder.
I emailed them about it and they changed it to
Some journalists had covered the Moriarty tribunal and had written stories critical of Denis O’Brien before he became the company’s largest single shareholder.

In the Irish Times Who are the Independent News & Media 19 by Colin Gleeson it said
Denis O’Brien, the group’s majority shareholder, voted against his retention.
I emailed them and asked was this right?

An Irish Times editor replied that I was correct and he corrected the article, but there are many other instances of this in the Irish Times will they all be corrected? Another recent example.

Denis v Goliath’: O’Brien’s battle against alleged reputational damage Fri, Apr 6, 2018 Colm Keena
"At one stage, O’Brien was the majority shareholder in INM "
he was?

The Irish Times Gavin O’Reilly says INM data breach claims ‘stomach-churning’ Apr 8, 2018 by Ronan McGreevy says
Mr O’Reilly is the son of Sir Anthony O’Reilly, who was once INM’s majority shareholder.
was he?

The Journal has an article Explainer: What on earth is going on at INM?
Communicorp is almost wholly owned by Denis O’Brien, who is also the majority shareholder at INM.
By the time I checked it they had already corrected it on thejournal but not on their sister business site Fora. IT has now been corrected.
" Communicorp is almost wholly owned by Denis O’Brien, who is also the largest shareholder at INM."

In the Irish Examiner there are less recent incidences of Denis O'Brien being desrcibed as a majority shareholder.

The Sunday Businness Post

Standing up in INM: The equivalent of war by Anne Harris writes
On the night of Saturday, July 19, 2014, there was a dramatic intervention, mid-publication, to remove four words from an article written by me, as editor of the Sunday Independent. “Denis O’Brien is the majority shareholder at INM. In theory with 29 per cent of the shares, he does not control it,” I wrote. “In practice, he does.” O’Brien has always denied he controls INM.
Those four little words, “In practice, he does”, were the reason the paper was held up.

Did she really write majority shareholder? Can Anne Harris herself (or the editors of her article) have misquoted her own article?

The Sunday Business Post hasn't replied or corrected the article yet.

Irish Mirror

Irish Mirror joins list of newspapers calling Deniss O'Brien the majority shareholder in INM

Why has such a crucial point about the Denis O'Brien been published seemingly incorrectly by so many news media organisations? and how has it gone unnoticed for so long?

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Is this an ad? How is this not an ad?

An 8 page supplement about the 'Creative Youth' published in the Irish Independent December 8th 2017.

Minister for Arts says of the supplement on creative youth in the newspaper on 8 December 2017.

Josepha Madigan:No cost was incurred by my Department in the production of the supplement on creative youth in the newspaper on 8 December 2017 as referred to in the Question. The content, design, layout and print costs were all a matter for that publication.
The Irish Times published a 28 page supplement on Creative Ireland on 13 December 2017.
The cost of the supplement referred to in the question which issued on 13 December 2017 was €34,744. This funding came out of the Creative Ireland Programme budget under subhead A6 of my Department's Vote.

So incredible was it that they Department of Culture didn't pay for the Independent supplement, its the second time this question was asked.

Creative Ireland End of Year Report 2017
During 2017, Creative Youth – a plan to enable the creativity of every child and young person, was developed in partnership with the Department of Education and Skills, the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and the Arts Council. This was launched by An Taoiseach, Minister Donohoe, Minister Bruton and Minister Madigan on 6 December 2017 in St Laurence O’Toole’s Girls National School, Seville Place, Dublin 1

The Department of Education didn't pay for it not did the or the Department of Children nor the Arts Council, [I asked them]. Not even the Department of the Taoiseach

Government marketing for arts programme ‘promoted Fine Gael’ Ellen Coyne March 14 2018 [They made a mistake re the name of the papers, (hidden as they are behind "details supplied") and then corrected that but didn't correct the number of pages in the pullout].
Creative Ireland

Sunday, 11 March 2018

The Taoiseach's or Leader of Fine Gael's weekly video messages?

Theres some confusion over the Taoiseach Weekly Messages's that now come in video form but previously came as text when written by Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

Some think the Leo Varadkar should not use the Taoiseach office or governments buildings or jets as the backdrop to his videos if they are being put out by Fine Gael, but perhaps its because they didn't notice before, and its not as obvious that these messages were 'written' from the Taoiseach's desk and sent out via a Fine Gael newsletter for years and then more recently on Facebook.

Leo Varadkar may have been suceeded in more people seeing these messages but then he has also created a problem for himself who are these messages from and for?

Fianna Fail have criticised it and have been both melodramatic and not articulated the problem with it
Taoiseach under fire for using Government jet and employees to film 'party political videos'
Kevin Doyle October 4

Dáil debates Tuesday, 3 October 2017
Michael Martin
While he did not make himself available here to talk about the summit, he managed to bring a party person with him to take videos of him on the Government jet and at a meeting at the Irish Embassy in Tallinn. These videos were first published on the Fine Gael website; clearly, therefore, they have no official status. Does the Taoiseach think this type of party politicisation of a Government event is acceptable? While his personal obsession with media management is clear, why did he decide to break from the practice of his predecessors and use formal European Union business for purely party political purposes? There is an important distinction to be made in the Taoiseach attending summit meetings on behalf of the people as head of Government, not as the leader of a mere political party.
Dáil debates Wednesday, 4 October 2017
Leo Varadkar
On the two videos referred by Deputy Micheál Martin, one from Baldonnel and the other from the Irish Embassy in Tallinn, I checked both yesterday and neither of them contains any political content. The content is entirely about the business and work of the day - my work as Taoiseach. but in order to allay the Deputy's concerns, in the future I will post them on merrionstreet.iebefore they are posted on any other account. I am not sure that will make any difference in practice, but if it will help to allay the Deputy's concerns, I am happy to make the change.

So yes why were they posted from the Fine Gael facebook page first?

I don't see that he has published any of these update video on merrionstreet subsequently.

Even the government World Cup Rugby bid video that featured Independent Minister Shane Ross was posted from te Fine Gael facebook site.

Leo Vardakar featured a visit to North Strand Fire Station in his post Storm Emma weekly video, it was probably have been a mistake for the Dublin Fire Brigade to take the video and tweet it out themselves because of the Fine Gael logos and invitation to join at the end.

Some welcome these messages as a sort of weekly address like the President of the United States does but these videos often feature content that is specifically addressed at Fine Gael members. When even communications experts are getting confused maybe its time to change your approach.

Taoiseach Weekly Message Showing Taoiseach's weekly newsletter going back to 2011.

Its also a bit obstinate that Leo Vardakar never changed his @campaignforleo twitter handle but Im sure he loves that when anybody wants to tweet at him they have to include "campaignforleo", Im aware many things we might see as mistakes he may well have done on purpose.

I know the Taoiseach is still the leader of his party but these videos aren't clear, the Taoiseach should continue his weekly videos but they should be published via government/Merrionstreet and the deputy leader or chairman of Fine Gael can address the party.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Did Independent reporter tell Christy Dignam that the article she was interviewing him for was commissioned by the government unit he had critcised in her previous interview with him?

Dignam says he was duped into government advertorial Sunday Business Post Hugh O'Connell Mar 4, 2018

Christy Dignam has criticised the use of his comments in a government-sponsored newspaper ad as “totally out of order”, saying it was done without his knowledge.
Do they feel no shame, asks Aslan singer over state ads Justine McCarthy and Mark Tighe March 4 2018, 12:01am, The Sunday Times.
I only found out on Tuesday that it was an advertisement for the government... I was used. If I’d been told it was an advertorial, I wouldn’t have done it.”
Fantastic Finglas can only get even better with new luas link – Christy
Laura Lynott February 22 2018
Even though the newspapers got an interview with Christy Dignam confirming from his point of view he wasn't told the interview was for an NDP ad, they missed that the same person had reported Christy Dignam criticising the communications unit that commissioned the article on the NDP.

'Leo's propaganda millions should be used to help homeless' - Christy Laura Lynott – 21 November 2017
"The Government have their finger up their arse, they talk the big talk and they have a €5m propaganda team to do that but would that money not be better put into actually helping solve the homeless crisis?

Need her to confirm or deny she didn't tell Christy Dignam that his quotes would be used in an advertorial comissioned by government department he had critcised in previous interview.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Conor Skehan - Housing Agency Chair

Did Conor Skehan ask the Housing Agency to investigate the 'gaming of the system' more or not?
Joint Oireachtas Committee on Housing, Planning and Local Government
Role of Chairperson of Housing Agency and Related Matters: Discussion
31 January 2018

Mr. Conor Skehan: First, I home in on his concern about crossing a line in terms of my role in the agency. The first thing to bear in mind is that I am chairman of the board and not a member of staff. My job as chair and our job as the board is to challenge our executive - sometimes to say, "Well done", sometimes to say, "Try harder" and sometimes to say, "Look harder."
Full video Oireachtas Video archive

Eoin Ó Broin:I asked when Mr. Skehan asked the Housing Agency to conduct a further study given his view that the 2016 study was out of date. Is he saying he did not ask the Housing Agency to do another study?

Mr. Conor Skehan:I have never asked the Housing Agency to do any studies. What we have is a-----

Eoin Ó Broin:Would it not have been appropriate to ask the agency to do a study before floating the idea publicly that he was not satisfied with the 2016 report? Would that not have been more sensible given that Mr. Skehan is the chairman of the body?

Mr. Conor Skehan:No. To be clear, the Housing Agency has, among other roles, a research function. We have a wonderful research officer, Mr. David Silke, who presents his research priorities for the following 12 or 18 months to the board every year. Again, this is a rolling programme. I do not always agree with Mr. Silke's priorities but it is his job to tell us what he believes we need to examine. He presents his priorities to the board every year and we accept them and move on. That his job and he is very good at it.

Eoin Ó Broin:Given Mr. Skehan's concern about the possibility of gaming the system and his view that the 2016 report was out of date and in light of his statement that part of the job of the board is to challenge the Housing Agency, you had never actually asked the agency to conduct a follow-up report on this issue?

Mr. Conor Skehan:The Deputy should see the list of things----

Eoin Ó Broin:That is a "Yes" or "No" question.

Mr. Conor Skehan
:It is not a "Yes" or "No" question. The Deputy should see the list of things we give poor old David Silke every year. They are in accordance with the priorities. We basically ask him what he is doing to study vacancy or affordability. The list is the list. I gave the joint committee a copy of the list of priorities and I make no apologies for having priorities. That is good management and gives a clear steer to the board.

Eoin Ó Broin:That is a "No" in reply to my question.

Mr. Conor Skehan:Deputy Ó Broin, you are a scallywag. That is not a "No" to the question.

Eoin Ó Broin
:It is a "No".

Conor Skehan Presentation documents.